We welcome people into the kitchen to take part in our hands-on cookery classes. Participants are fully involved in the food preparation and cooking process under the supervision of our chefs. They also get to eat what they cook at the end! These classes are fun, creative and especially informative about the different food choices you can make and an introduction to various cooking methods. 
                                              All of our programmes are free and run for six weeks!


The Fit Foodie Project 

​In partnership with the Creative Therapy Project, The Mini Cooking Club runs weekly workshops for people with mental health concerns. Originally these ran once a month but due to the enthusiasm of our members and positive response, they run every week at the Copleston Centre.

Creative Therapies Project

Our nutrition workshops are designed to teach children and adults about the  benefit of a balanced diet and how making informed food choices can improve their overall wellbeing. We introduce the importance of the “Eat Well Plate”, fats, sugars  and  food labelling. 

Fit Foodie Programme

This is our innovative cooking and exercise class run for 5-11 year olds. The sessions are made up of one hour's exercise including games such as softball and touch rugby, followed by a cooking session with one of our chefs. Children will learn the value and fun of a healthy lifestyle as well as practical cooking skills. 

Family Cooking Programme


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Improve your baking skills and learn how to make bread, cake, biscuits and pasta from scratch. These sessions are for both children and adults, so join the club and enjoy being part of the community.