Our Work

"I have seen a big difference in some of the kids, and think it’s wonderful that they can come here on a weekly basis, make their own food and take it home to heat up for lunch the next day. They rarely get these opportunities like, their own school meals are bland and often unhealthy, containing lots of processed foods, so The Mini Cooking Club has been great”
                                                                                                                   Kate, social worker, from South London

New Partnership


The Mini Cooking Club is thrilled to be partnering with the London Cooking Project in Battersea. LCP is a private social enterprise that works to provide opportunities to develop and nurture young talent in the culinary field and is committed to benefitting the local community.


For more information visit us: www.londoncookingproject.com

The Mini Cooking Club will be running cooking workshops on Saturdays at the London Cooking Project. We encourage local families in Wandsworth to come along to these free sessions to learn how to cook a variety of delicious, healthy meals. Our aim is to promote the benefits of cooking at home over eating processed or takeaway foods that are full of hidden fats, sugars and salt. 

All sessions are completely free, and cooking equipment and food all provided.

The Eat In Campaign raises awareness of the negative impact that eating out a lot has on many families and individuals living in London. Our aim is to prove to people that eating in is better than eating out. 


For more information, please email media@theminicookingclub.org.uk