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Welcome to the Mini Cooking Club 
We run weekly workshops for young children, families, people with disabilities and those with mental health concerns living in South London. Our trainee cooks are able to learn new skills and witness their confidence in cooking grow. Best of all, we eat what we have cooked at the end of each session together as a family. 

It's amazing how making the right food choices and cultivating a love of cooking can enhance well-being. So everyone can benefit from this, our classes are free and always will be. Find out more about our workshops. 
We're always looking for new volunteers and partners. Contact us to see if we could work together. 


Thinking more about meat
It is important to think about animal welfare in the context of cooking for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, the rise of industrial farming has in some ways been beneficial because it has led to cheaper food being available on a much wider scale than before. Meat used to be considered a bit of a luxury but now we expect to include meat in almost every meal.

September Newsletter

Celebrity chefs are a dime a dozen. A celebrity chef can be defined as someone who teaches the public how to cook, usually on television, and may have signature dishes or style. Historically, a few chefs have been credited with being the 'first' celebrity chef, including Bartolomeo Scappi (personal chef to Pope Pius V) and Fanny Cradock (the first UK celebrity chef).


If you would like to attend on of our family cooking programme, please get in touch! Email for more details. All of our programmes are completely free to attend.


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